The Story So Far

My facebook author’s page for the novel Zara Hanson & The Mystery of the Painted Symbol is now up and running and is gaining a steady following.

To check out the page here’s the link:

The novel took some years to write, and I am sure you will find it an interesting read. Why write such a novel? That’s a good question, and to be honest I feel the answer is hidden inside the book. All the best questions are those that remain unanswered; the fun sometimes is just in posing the questions.

On my facebook page I’ll be posting sayings on a regular basis. I’m not one for quoting the words of others so all sayings will be in my own words, but on the rare occasions I’ll mark any quotes or interpretations with an asterisk.

So, what do my sayings mean? I think it’s more important in what they mean for you; if you like them please feel free to share.

As for the website, I’ll be posting more snippets from Zara’s dairies in the blog as time goes by.

Wishing you all the best.


J.L. Haynes