A parcel arrives, and attached to it a letter post-marked Beijing. It is quickly opened. Its contents eagerly read:


Dearest Zara,

I hope that this letter finds you before your trip to America. Are you eating well? I hear the air-quality in London is quite dreadful. I have written out a secret herbal remedy for you darling, it’s an old family recipe which will help with your breathing. It’s on the back of this letter. Shhh, it’s very magical, so keep it to yourself.

Remember to keep talking to the Bonsai tree I bought you. They do love it so when you talk to them, so say hi to it from me dear. I suppose you’re wondering what I’ve sent you, well… surprise! We were having some work done on the house and found your diaries hiding under the floorboards in your old room. Don’t worry, I haven’t read them, although I did catch sight of some of the poetry you wrote in your scrapbook. Beautiful!

Anyhow, I thought that you would like to have them to reminisce over. I know you will enjoy reading them. Do call me when you get this letter.


All my love,



Zara smiles to herself on reading the letter, and placing it to one side, undoes the wrapping to her scrapbook. She bites her lip, lets out a half-smile as she gently turns over the pages, stopping at an old poem she once wrote:


Oh, Great Celestial Dragon,

Have you come to steal the Northern Lights?

As long as I am here,

I’ll warn Aurora, that she remains out of sight.


She whispers to herself, “I forgot all about this…”